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With Thanksgiving upon us, we announce our last events for 2020: 

Kitra Cahana, The Cult of Maria Lionza: Fire, 2009. ©Kitra Cahana

“A subject passes through me,” explains Kitra Cahana. Here, a man who has taken on an Indian spirit and therefore has the power to touch fire, jumps through a fire pit without even flinching on October 12, 2009 during the Baile en Candela – “The Fire Dance” at the entrance to Sorte mountain in Venezuela. On the eve of the 12th of October every year The Fire Dance takes place on the mountain, wherein Maria Lionza practitioners will dress up as Indians take on Indian spirits and dance around and through embers of coal and fire.

To hear Kitra Cahana in conversation with Ori Z Soltes, join us tomorrow, on November 25, 2020 at 12:00pm EST for “Legacy And Creativity: The Filmmaking and Photography of Kitra Cahana” (SEE EVENT HERE)

Anneliese Hager, Untitled, c. 1947-1949. Gelatin silver print, 18 × 24 cm (7 1/16 × 9 7/16 in.).
Harvard Art Museums/Busch-Reisinger Museum, Gift of the German Friends of the Busch-Reisinger Museum, 2018.318. © Estate of Anneliese Hager

On Wednesday, December 2, 2020 at 12:00pm EST Lynette Roth, Daimler Curator of the Busch-Reisinger Museum and Head of the Division of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Harvard Art Museums will speak about White Shadows: The Photograms of Anneliese Hager (1904-1997).”

The event is part of our monthly zoom series “Fight or Flight. stories of artists under repression,” generously funded by Allianz Partners.

Anneliese Hager (1904-1997) is one of a number of modern artists who began their artistic experimentation in Germany after National Socialist cultural policy began to harden against all forms of modern art. Her preferred medium was the photogram, a photographic image made by placing an object directly on (or in close proximity to) a light-sensitive surface and exposing it to light. Hager called the reversal of light and dark in the resulting contact print “white shadows.” (SEE EVENT HERE)

Our books are (almost) out!

In Germany, Märkischer Verlag Wilhelmshorst published a booklet of poems by Fritz Ascher as Poesiealbum 357 in the series “Ostracized Poets – Burned Books”. It can be ordered HERE.

In December, the book “Immortality, Memory, Creativity, and Survival: The Arts of Alice Lok Cahana, Ronnie Cahana and Kitra Cahana,” which is edited by Ori Z Soltes, and is published by The Fritz Ascher Society. Please email to receive details how to order a copy. The book is generously sponsored by the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in New York.

We wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. Wherever you are, please know that we are grateful to you for your interest in our work and your partnership with us as we continue to learn together and sustain our community during a most challenging time.

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With all best wishes for happy holidays,
Rachel Stern, Director and CEO

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artwork Fritz Ascher ©2020 Bianca Stock, Photo Malcolm Varon