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“Fritz Ascher: Expressionist”

Das Leben und Schaffen des Künstlers Fritz Ascher (Berlin, 1893-1970). Fritz Ascher Society for Persecuted, Ostracized and Banned Art, New York 2016. Gesamtherstellung: Dan Stern. Stimme Erzählung: David Stern; Stimme Gedichte: Lutz Rath; Musik: BenSound. Fotos: Malcom Varon, Kunstwerke und Fotos von Fritz Ascher ©2016 Bianca Stock

“Fritz Ascher: Expressionist”

The life and work of the artist Fritz Ascher (Berlin, 1893-1970). Fritz Ascher Society for Persecuted, Ostracized and Banned Art, New York 2019. Production: Dan Stern. Voice Narration: Chris Okawa; Voice Poems: Lutz Rath; Music: BenSound. Photos: Malcom Varon, Art and Photos by Fritz Ascher ©2019: Bianca Stock

“European Modernism and Spirituality”

Panel discussion at CUNY Graduate Center on January 30, 2019. Throughout much of the 20th century, secularism has dominated Western thought, yet art has often offered both overt and occult connections to spirituality. Fritz Ascher and El Lissitzky reflect this complicated truth in very different but equally compelling ways
Moderated by Rose-Carol Washton Long, Professor Emerita of 19th and 20th Century European Art, CUNY Graduate Center, with speakers Elizabeth Berkowitz, Mellon/ACLS Public Fellow, Rockefeller Archive Center; Matthew Drutt, editor, writer and independent curator; and Ori Z. Soltes, Teaching Professor of Jewish Civilization, Georgetown University.

“Expressionism for Our Time”

Panel discussion at the New York Studio School on March 6, 2019, featuring a brief history of Western Expressionism by art critic and curator Karen Wilkin, followed by a conversation between contemporary artists Rochelle Feinstein, Judy Glantzman, and Adrianne Rubenstein with art historian Robert Slifkin, Institute of Fine Arts, NYU.

Interview with Wolfgang A. Gustavus (1945-2018), Berlin 2018 (German language video)

Wolfgang A. Gustavus was a child, when he knew the artist and neighbor Fritz Ascher (1893-1970). In this last interview, he remembers the artist and their relationship. From 1946, the Gustavus family, with Alexander and Friede Gustavus (b. 1915), their children Ute (1949-2014) and Wolfgang (1945-2018), and her mother lived at Bismarckallee 26 in Berlin-Grunewald, in the apartment below Martha Graßmann and Fritz Ascher. They were refugees from Silesia.

Wolfgang Gustavus in conversation with Rachel Stern, Berlin 2018.