The Fritz Ascher Society for Persecuted, Ostracized and Banned Art is able to fulfill its mission thanks to the generous support of the individuals, families, foundations, and corporations whose philanthropy and whose generosity sustains and enhances its programs.

We gratefully acknowledge their support.

Foundations and Corporations
Allianz of America Corporation
Arbeitskreis Ausland für kulturelle Aufgaben e.V.
Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in New York
Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany
Reinwald GmbH
Steinmetz Herskovitz Family Fund
Xposure NYC

Individuals and Families
Susan Ascher
Aviva Atlani
Nancy Berlow
Tsvi Blanchard
Marilyn Berzan-Montblanch in honor of the Cahana Family
Claire Dalfen and Marcia Schuster
Carolyn Enger
Henny Feldman
Rosemarie Franco
Gila Freeberg
Stephan Gittings
Randy Globus
Rachel Hafemann
Cordula Hahn
Susan L. Halper
Michael Hulton
Arslon Humayun
Laurie Gottlieb
Elaine Kalman
Ilona Kalman
Stefanie Keim
Faye Kilstein
Eva Kuper
Natalie Lainoff in memory of
Stephanie Lainoff in memory of Eliot Lainoff
Carol S. Lipsky
Rose Carol Long
Sheila Low-Beer
Ellen Meshnick
Roshelle Nagar
Karen Nieuwland
Nicholas M. O’Donnell
Phyllis and Abraham Pinchuk
Linda Pollack
Susan Reep
Sally A. Rosenfeld
Essie & Jack Rosenthal in honor of Rabbi Ronnie and Karen Cahana
Reisa R Schneider in memory of Alice Lok Cahana and in honor of Ronnie and Karen and their five children, Kitra, Tamira, Briah, Sapira and Dvir Cahana
Linda Schwartz
Ruth Seligman Mark
Susan Shender
Ed and Sharon Silberfarb
Ori Z. Soltes
Rachel Stern
Riki Shefi Vered in memory of Papish and Isfasman families of Pinsk Belarus who were murdered by the Nazi in October 1942