1893 Born October 17 as the son of Minna Luise Ascher (nee Schneider) and Dr. Hugo Ascher.
His sisters Charlotte and Grete were born on October 8, 1894 and June 11, 1897

1899 Hugo Ascher leaves Judaism with his three children on March 20, his wife remains Jewish

1901 Baptism of Fritz, Charlotte and Grete Ascher on October 28
(followed by Confirmation on March 20, 1910, March 26, 1911 and March 16, 1913)

1904 Hugo Ascher’s Ascher GmbH starts producing and selling Ascher’s Artificial Enamel

1909 Recommended by Max Liebermann, Fritz Ascher attends the Art Academy Königsberg, where he meets Eduard Bischoff and Franz Domscheit. The family moves into a villa built by the prominent architect Paul Schultze-Naumburg in Niklasstraße 21-23, Berlin-Zehlendorf

1913 Independent artist in Berlin, studies with Lovis Corinth, Adolf Meyer and Curt Agthe. Extended study trips.

1914 Fritz Ascher and Franz Domscheit meet Eduard Munch in Norway

1915/16 First major works with Golgatha (1915) and “Der Golem” (1916)

1918 Charlotte marries Max Preindl on July 27

1919 In Bavaria with Franz Domscheit. Ascher befriends the artists of Blauer Reiter and the Simplicissmus

1920 Grete marries Ernst Birn on July 24

1922  Fritz Ascher’s father dies on August 18. Fritz Ascher creates lithographs and exhibits his work at Juryfreie Kunstschau in Berlin

1924 Fritz Ascher exhibits his work at Juryfreie Kunstschau in Berlin

1933 Hitler assumes power on 30 January. Fritz Ascher is not allowed produce, exhibit or sell his art. He begins to change addresses, first in Berlin and from 1934 in Potsdam Babelsberg

1938 Fritz Ascher’s mother dies on October 17. Pogroms on November 9/10. Fritz Ascher is interned in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Release on December 23, thanks to Gerhard Graßmann.

1939 Fritz Ascher is interned at the Potsdam Gestapo Prison on January 2. Release on May 15, thanks to Gerhard Graßmann and Probst Grüber. Ascher moves to Teplitzer Straße 38 in Berlin. Obligation to register three times a week at the police station Schmargendorf and once a month at the Gestapo headquarters Alexanderplatz. From November 19, 1941 he must wear the Yellow Star

1942 Ascher goes into hiding on June 15, after being warned of his forthcoming deportation by Chief Police Officer Heinrich Wolber. Martha Graßmann hides him first in her apartment, then in the cellar of Lassenstraße 26 in Berlin-Grunewald. Ascher writes poetry

1945 On April 25, a part of Fritz Ascher’s artwork is destroyed by a bombing raid. On April 27, Berlin-Grunewald is liberated by the Soviet Army. Fritz Ascher moves in with Martha Graßmann at Bismarckallee 26, near Lassenstraße 26, and starts painting again

1946 Exhibition Fritz Ascher: Bilder nach 1945, with Bernhard Heiliger at Karl Buchholz Gallery, Berlin

1947 Exhibition Das Naturerlebnis. Landschaftsbilder bekannter Künstler at Kunstamt Wilmersdorf, Berlin

1952/53 Intensive work phase. Fritz Ascher rejects all offers for teaching and exhibitions

1969 Villa Bismarckallee 26 is demolished on June 18. Graßmann and Ascher move to Gelfertstraße 42. Ascher does not recover from this move. Exhibition Fritz Ascher: Pictures after 1945 at Springer Gallery in Berlin May 9 to June 12

1970 Fritz Ascher dies on March 26. He is buried in the municipal cemetery in Wannsee. Martha Graßmann dies soon after, on January 24, 1971. She is buried next to Fritz Ascher.