We have a special film for you, and you don’t even have to leave your house to see it! Watch the film THE WILD ONE before June 5th on your home device.
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Then join us as Chantal Perrin, the film’s French producer, speaks with Ori Z Soltes from Georgetown University in Washington DC.
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From Auschwitz to Hollywood: 
Jack Garfein, “THE WILD ONE”
Film Screening and Conversation with French producer Chantal Perrin

THE WILD ONE illuminates the journey of unsung artist Jack Garfein (1930-2019) – Holocaust survivor, celebrated Broadway director, Actors Studio West co-founder, and controversial filmmaker. The film examines how his experience in Nazi concentration camps shaped his vision of acting as a survival mechanism and propelled his engagement with themes of violence, power, and racism in postwar America in two explosive films: THE STRANGE ONE (1957) and SOMETHING WILD (1961). THE WILD ONE explores the importance of his legacy as an artist who confronted censorship and reveals how art can draw on personal memory to better enlighten our present.

THE WILD ONE is produced by Louise-Salomé and Chantal Perrin for Petite Maison Production. It is written by Louise-Salomé and Sarah Contou-Terquem, in collaboration with Elizabeth Schub Kamir.

We thank Jewish Story Partners (JSP) and GOOD DOCS for making THE WILD ONE available. Together they are bringing high-quality films on diverse Jewish subjects to a wide range of audiences in educational settings.

Stay tuned for details of our virtual event on June 19 about the British sculptor Heinz Henghes! Born Gustav Heinrich Clusmann in Hamburg (Germany), he came to Rapallo in Northern Italy in 1933, exactly when Saul Steinberg came to Milan as a student of architecture (see the recording below if you missed last week’s event).
It was there that Henghes befriended the poet Ezra Pound (1885-1972).

Art and Internment. Heinz Henghes the Stowaway Sculptor

Heinz Henghes, Monument to the Unknown Political Prisoner, 1953 © Ian Henghes

How did Heinz Henghes end up on the HMT Dunera, the internment ship that brought German and Austrian nationals from the UK to internment camps in Australia?

If you missed our May events, you can watch the recordings here:

Are you thinking about some intellectually stimulating summer reading? How about our latest publication with Fordham University Press:

This timely book offers theoretical and practical reflections on ‘welcoming the stranger.’ From the theological analysis of Abraham to the legal and political discussion of immigration and refugees, the volume explores how hospitality—welcoming the ‘other’ into our tents—leads to peace and improving the world.—Mehnaz Afridi, Director, Holocaust, Genocide & Interfaith Education Center and Professor, Religious Studies, Manhattan College

There, you can find access to the free digital publication (epub) as well.

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