Paul Wegener

Sep 23, 2016


Jüdisches Museum Berlin, Berlin (Germany)

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Jüdisches Museum Berlin, Berlin (Germany)

Fritz Ascher's monumental painting "Golem" from 1916 is part of the exhibition "Golem" at the Jewish Museum Berlin (September 23, 2016  - January 29, 2017).websiteThe myth of the human being that can create new life is the central theme of the large thematic exhibition "Golem" at the Jewish Museum Berlin. Until today the most prominent Jewish legendary figure inspires generations of artists and writers. The exhibition presents the Golem from its Jewish mystical source to popular narratives for film or in artistic and digital media. Formed in clay or dust, a being is brought to life by mystical rituals including Hebrew letter combinations. Created by a human being, the Golem becomes a helper, a companion or the savior of a [...]