FRITZ ASCHER SOCIETY Newsletter January 2022

2022-03-25T17:53:06-04:00January 25th, 2022|Newsletter|Comments Off on FRITZ ASCHER SOCIETY Newsletter January 2022

Dear Friends, For this Holocaust Remembrance Day, we invite you to participate in building the largest digital memorial to the victims of National Socialism. In partnership with the Arolsen Archives and Yad Vashem, our event kicks off a 48 hour data entry challenge, during which we ask the global community to get together to enter data from 20,000 documents of the Central Location Index, an umbrella organization based in New York that coordinated the search for missing relatives. This collection, which is now in Yad Vashem, has never been indexed before. Wednesday, January 26, 12:00pm EST: International Holocaust Remembrance Day #EVERYNAMECOUNTS Challenge in Partnership with Arolsen Archives and Yad Vashem FIND OUT MORE AND [...]