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When our exhibitions were prematurely closed, we created virtual spaces to get together for lectures and discussions, digital projects and conferences. Thanks to your support, our community grew globally. 

But this past year has been financially hard for us. If you can, please consider a tax deductible DONATION ( to the Fritz Ascher Society.

The mailing of our new book publication has started. If you are interested in details about ordering a copy, please email (Sorry, US and Canada only)

We are very excited about this interdisciplinary volume, which explores the painting of Alice Lok Cahana, a survivor of three Holocaust concentration camps; the poetry of her son, Ronnie Cahana; and the photography and award-winning filmmaking of her granddaughter, Kitra Cahana. It places that layered narrative within the context of art, the biology of memory, and the physiological and psychological question of how both creativity and intense trauma can be transmitted from one generation to the next.

The book is generously sponsored by the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in New York.

We very much look forward to a New Year of discovering and discussing, celebrating and commemorating with you the artists , whose careers were interrupted or destroyed by the German National Socialist regime, and who themselves were persecuted, ostracized or banned.

All best wishes for a healthy and safe 2021,

Rachel Stern, Director and CEO

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artwork Fritz Ascher ©2020 Bianca Stock, Photo Malcolm Varon