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2016 was the first year that our work started showing, with the participation in the exhibition

Verfahren. “Wiedergutmachung” im geteilten Berlin / »Making Amends« Compensation and Restitution Cases in Divided Berlin at Aktives Museum Berlin (October 9, 2015 – January 14, 2016) and Landgericht Berlin/Amtsgericht Mitte, Berlin (September 29 – November 18, 2016) and the long anticipated first ever retrospective with its comprehensive catalogue (link)

“Leben ist Glühn” Der Expressionist Fritz Ascher / “To Live is to Blaze with Passion” The Expressionist Fritz Ascher at the Felix-Nussbaum-Haus Osnabrück (September 25, 2016 – January 15, 2017), which is still up until January 15, 2017!(link)

We are excited to share our journey with you in 2017 as it picks up pace.

Best wishes for a healthy, peaceful and prosperous 2017 with many good laughs and surprises,

Rachel Stern, Director and CEO

Ori Z. Soltes, Director

Steven Orlikoff, Director

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