Steinberg before STEINBERG
Lecture by Mario Tedeschini Lalli, Rome (Italy)

ONLINE VA, United States

In this presentation Mario Tedeschini Lalli, Italian journalist and scholar of 20th century history, will try to tell the story of Saul Steinberg, before he became STEINBERG, the majuscules with which he signed his name to the art most people know, using some of his public art, some of his clandestine art, some of his personal art and - yes – some of his top secret art. Image above: Saul Steinberg, Seaside, 1941. © The Saul Steinberg Foundation/Artists Rights Society (ARS) New York REGISTER FOR THIS ONLINE EVENT HERE The art of Saul Steinberg (1914-1999) was arguably one of the most recognizable for the US public from the mid-1940s until his death in 1999. Much of [...]