A "Catalogue Raisonné [Fr. = carefully studied or methodical catalogue] is a systematic and comprehensive scholarly reference, in which each work known to have been executed by a particular artist is illustrated, thoroughly documented, described and assigned a permanent reference number.   The Fritz Ascher Society is compiling a catalogue raisonné of the paintings and works on paper by Fritz Ascher (German, Berlin 1893-1970), with his early work (until 1933) planned to be published online in 2020, and his mature work in 2023. It is expected that the final Fritz Ascher catalogue raisonné will include about 250 oil paintings and about 1,500 works on paper. Rachel Stern is the editor of the catalogue raisonné.   We are conducting a search for all works made by the artist, as well as correspondence, audio and video recordings, and any other documentation relevant to creating the definitive statement on Ascher's oeuvre.