January 31 - November 10, 2013
“Diversity Destroyed. Berlin 1933–1938–1945. A city remembers”
“Zerstörte Vielfalt. Berlin 1933–1938–1945. Eine Stadt erinnert sich”
Kulturprojekte Berlin

Fritz Ascher was one of over 200 personalities featured during the "Theme Year 2013: Diversity Destroyed," a year-long project commemorating those who stamped their mark on the diverse society of early-1930s Berlin: http://www.berlin.de/2013/en/startseitenweiterleitung/. His portrait was featured on the information pillar at Frankfurter Tor, as part of the open air installation: http://www.berlin.de/2013/en/open-air-exhibitions/. A more detailed biography can be found on the project website: http://www.berlin.de/2013/en/portraets/ausgewaehlte-portraets/ascher-fritz/.

The 2013 Theme Year "Diversity Destroyed" in Berlin was a citywide experience: Open-air exhibitions of information pillars (Litfass-Säulen) created urban memorials at historical sites across Berlin, which provided background information on the history of Berlin between 1933 and 1945 and form a pop-up commemorative trail spanning the entire city. Large format portraits and biographies adorn many of these information pillars, commemorating the lives of over 200 personalities who were part of the diverse society of early-1930s Berlin– people whose stories capture the loss of diversity, and who were recognized through this special tribute.

Photos ©2013 Bjoern Weigel

Information pillar with Fritz Ascher at Frankfurter Tor, Berlin 2013. ©photo Bjoern Weigel